The BEST Computers for Recording Music

Top 3 FinishersIn the quest for the ultimate recording studio computer setup, you’ll eventually come to the conclusion that Apple beats PC, hands down.

The logical next question becomes…

Of the different Mac options, which one is best?

If we narrow it down, to your four main options: the Mac Mini, the Macbook Pro, the iMac, and the Mac Pro, each one has it’s advantages and disadvantages depending upon the goals of your studio.

So right now, let’s start by taking a look at what each of these bad boys has to offer.

1. The Mac Pro: Best of the Best

Mac Pro - Best Computer for Recording MusicThe Mac Pro is the grand daddy of all recording studio computers.  Nothing else comes close.

Why?  Because…

  1. It’s the fastest – Which means that your DAW will be able to perform to its fullest potential.
  2. It has a huge storage capacity – Which means that you won’t worry about filling up your hard drive with large recording session files.
  3. It can accommodate multiple video monitors – Which means you can view your sessions from multiple points in the studio.
  4. It’s designed for upgrades – Which means that you can add multiple processing cards when running Pro Tools HD.

This last feature is especially important.  If you ever plan on upgrading to Pro Tools HD, you need a Mac Pro.  It’s your only option.

So do you need all these advanced Mac Pro features right away?  No.  But if you’re serious about recording, you will need them eventually.

Look at it this way…you can either buy a Mac Pro now, and have those features ready when you need them, or…You can buy a cheaper Mac, and upgrade to a Mac Pro anyway later on.

It’s up to you.  A Mac Pro will definitely cost you a pretty penny, but it’s the best computer there is, and it will probably be cheaper for you in the long run.

What’s the alternative if you’re not quite ready for the awesomeness of the Mac Pro?

You next best options are one of the following:

2. iMac or the Macbook Pro?

Apple iMac best home recording studio computerNot as immaculate as the Mac Pro…but still bad-ass computers.

The difference between these two lies in portability.

If your studio moves with you, then you need portability.  In which case, go with the Macbook Pro.

On the other hand, if you don’t plan on going anywhere, choose the iMac.  It has a much larger screen, which makes your life easier for  editing and mixing.  Plus, it will looks quite impressive as the center piece of any studio desk.

Those two still out of your price range?  Not to worry…there’s one final option.  :)

3. The Mac Mini: Perfect for Beginners

Apple Mac Mini best home recording studio computerIt’s the cheapest…yes.  But…

For a modest home recording studio setup, it’s more than sufficient.

Couple the Mac Mini along side an Mbox Mini, and you’ve got the most powerful “mini” recording studio on the planet.

You get all the benefits of working with a Mac, for an insanely modest price tag.

Don’t Forget the Accessories

Ok, so you’ve got the computer now, but you’re not quite done just yet.

There’s still 3 more little things you need.  The right keyboard, the right mouse, and the right monitor.

For your average computer setup, they’re mostly inconsequential.  But for the recording studio…they can make all the difference in the world.

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