The 6 Best Studio Desks for Home Recording

recording studio desksFor a young home studio…

Having a proper work space isn’t high on the list of priorities, is it?

So you make due with whatever’s available.

And if that means working on a stack of boxes, so be it.

But as your studio grows, that nagging voice inside keeps saying…

You need a REAL desk already.

The problem is…finding a good desk is HARD!

Because what works great for one studio might totally SUCK for another.  That is why, in today’s post…

I will show you 7 excellent desk options, each one ideal for a SPECIFIC type of home studio setup.

Starting first with…

1. On-Stage Stands WS7500

On-Stage Stands WS7500If your room is small…

And you don’t have a lot of gear anyway…

It doesn’t make much sense to use a full-sized desk, does it?

So rather than waste both money and space…

A simple desk with a “minimalist” design like the On Stage Stands WS7500 could be the much smarter option.

This desk has all the basic features, including:

  • an upper shelft for your studio monitors
  • main shelf for your computer/interface
  • and a slide out tray for your keyboard/mouse 

And despite its tiny frame, it’s capable of supporting up 175 lbs.

Since it’s one of the best selling desks for home studios, you know that despite its low price, it still delivers on quality.

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2. Z-Line Designs Cyrus Workstation

Z-Line Designs Cyrus WorkstationIf you’d prefer something with a little more style and elegance…

The next desk I’d recommend is the Z-Line Designs Cyrus Workstation.

It has all the same features of the WS7500, with 2 notable additions:

  1. rollers on the bottom for easy moving
  2. a large bottom shelf for computer towers/external hard drives

And while glass normally has the potential to shatter from vibrations…

This desk uses special material known as “tempered glass” which is 4-5x stronger than normal, making it ideal for studio use.

The best part of this desk is…despite all its upgrades, its no more expensive than the WS7500.

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3. Omnirax Presto

Omnirax PrestoCompared to the last two desks we’ve seen…

There’s one simple reason to choose why you’d want the Omnirax Presto:

The rack spaces.

If you use rack gear in your studio, you might feel it’s a hassle to have all your gear in a separate rack unit off to the side.

To keep it conveniently at arm’s reach, many people prefer to mount it on their desk instead.

With the Omnirax Presto, you have the same basic layout as the last desk we covered, plus 6 rack spaces right in front of your face.

And for the average home studio, 6 is just about the perfect number.

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4. Z-Line Claremont Desk

Z Line Claremont Desk

Compared to every other desk on this list…

The Z-Line Claremont is the only desk on this list without that  distinctive “upper shelf” used to hold your studio monitors.

In fact, this desk isn’t even designed for home studios.  But here’s why I’m recommending it:

Some people don’t use that upper shelf, because they use studio monitor stands instead.

In that case, the upper shelf not only becomes useless…it can actually be a hinderance.

By blocking the line-of-sight be you and your monitors, that upper shelf becomes an additional source of reflected sound in your room…

Which degrades the accuracy of your monitoring.

But with the Z-Line Clarement, not only is the shelf gone, but the entire desk has a minimal surface area for reflections to potentially occur.

Add to that its cool design, and you’ve got a pretty good option for any studio that doesn’t use much hardware.

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5. Walker Edison 3-Piece Contemporary Desk

Walker Edison 3-Piece Contemporary Desk

Traditional recording studio advice says…

You shouldn’t have your desk in the corner of the room, right?

However, even though we know this, many studios still do it anyway…

Because of limited room options, and limited space within a given room.

And since recording gear manufacturers don’t usually make corner desks…it can be tough to find a suitable alternative.

But after much research, I found the Walker Edison 3 Piece Contemporary Desk.

With a low price tag, stellar reviews, and a compact design that fits perfectly in even the tightest corner spaces…

This desk could potentially be a great option for small bedroom studios.

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6. Studio RTA Producer Station

Studio RTA Producer StationNow so far, all the desks we’ve seen have been somewhat “small”…

So for this final pick, here’s a BIG one: the Studio RTA Producer Station.

The desk includes just about every feature you could want:

  • A main surface area is large enough for a full keyboard.
  • Two sliding trays for keyboards
  • Cable organizers in the back 
  • Rollers on the base
  • Two 8-space CD holders
  • 8 rackspaces up top
  • 20 rackspaces on EACH side down below

When you tally them up, that’s a total of 48 rackspaces!  And while you probably don’t need that many, the great thing about this desk is…

The bottom rack bays are perfect computer towers as well.

And I still haven’t mentioned the best part about this desk.  You see, normally desks with this many features cost $1500 or more…easily.  But as you’ll see, this one costs nowhere near that…

And lastly…

Custom Desk Makers You Should Know

Malone Design Works MC Desk - home recording studio furnitureWhile most home studios will never need one of those REALLY big desks used in pro studios…

If you do need one, let me refer you to 3 companies well-known for making the World’s best high-end studio desks:

Get in touch with one of these guys and they can make virtually anything you want.

That’s It

There you go guys…

Hopefully among the desks I’ve shown you here today, there’s at least one destined to become the newest edition to your ever-growing home studio.  :)