Recording Studio Desks: Is it Time You’ve Upgraded?

Recording Studio DesksRecording studio desks have a funny way of accumulating gear.

It happens so gradually that you don’t even notice it.  You buy a new thing here and a new thing there.

Then one day you wake up and find that your now impressive collection of gear is piling up on a cheap flimsy card table.  And you realized you should’ve got a proper desk months ago.

Sound familiar?

But where do you start looking?  How do find exactly what you’re looking for?

It seems unlikely to find everything you need in a single desk?  Doesn’t it?

Relax, it doesn’t have to be that hard.  That perfect recording studio desk is out there somewhere.  You just gotta find it.

To do that… start by asking yourself these 3 questions…

3 Key Questions to Finding Your Dream Desk

1. What control surface am I using?

Most high end desks will be designed around a specific control surface as its center piece.  Buy a desk that will work with your control surface.

If you don’t even have a basic desk yet, a cheap one such as this would be perfect.

2. Where will I put my rack gear?

Nicer desks will often have slots for you to house your rack gear.  Decide whether or not you would rather have your rack gear in your desk for convenience, or in a separate rack for portability.

3. How big is my studio?

A nice desk can take up a huge amount of space in your studio.  You might not want to waste the limited space you have on an unnecessarily large desk.

3 Great Home Studio Desk Companies You Should Know

Unfortunately it’s next to impossible to recommend a specific desk model that will be ideal for everyone.

However, to get you started in the right direction, here are some awesome companies that make a wide variety of high quality custom desks for recording studios:

1. KK Audio

KK Audio A1 basic recording studio desk

The A1 desk is an example of a basic recording desks offered by KK Audio.

While they also make custom desks, the desk featured here is a great example of one that is non-specific to any control surface, and can be used to accommodate of range of different equipment.

2. Sound Construction

Sound Construction C24 Console custom recording studio desk

This C24 Console by Sound Construction is a great example of a custom recording studio desk designed to fit a specific control surface.

As you can see in the picture, the Avid C24 fits perfectly within this desk.

One of the awesome added features is the unique IsoRack design that will provide your with maximum sound isolation for your hardware gear.

3. Malone Design Works

Malone Design Works MC recording studio desk

The MC desk by Malone Design Works is another great example of a recording studio desk that is designed to house a specific model of control surface.

If you are using either the Avid Artist Mix, or the Avid MC Control V2, this desk has enough space to accommodate several of them at once.