A Recording Studio Laptop You Can Be Proud Of

dog on laptopHome recording enthusiasts want two things out of their ideal studio: convenience and portability.

It’s all about keeping things lean and mean.

Sure, we’d all love to have a Mac Pro with Pro Tools HD and C24 control surface.  That’s is the definition of a dream studio.

But dreams aren’t reality.  In reality, 95 percent of us require a studio much smaller, much cheaper, and much more practical.

What’s the first step towards building such a studio? You guessed it.  It’s a blazing fast laptop.

And without a doubt, I can tell you without a doubt, that there’s only one you should consider…

The One Laptop That Will Take Your Recordings To the Next Level

Which laptop am I talking about?  The Macbook Pro.  It’s the best laptop there is.

Not only is it great for recording music, it’s great for pretty much anything.  If you already own another apple computer, then you know how awesome they are.

If you don’t own any yet, just ask around.  You won’t find any critics.

“But the Macbook Pro is Expensive!  Do I Really Need One?”

Macbook ProThat’s true.  It’s expensive.  But do you need one?

I would argue, Yes.

If you are serious about your recording, not only do you want one, you NEED one.

Don’t just take my word for it.  Here are 3 reasons why:

1. The Macbook Pro is Whisper Quiet

Computer hard drive noise is a pain in the ass when you record.  It might be barely noticeable to you now, but when you hear it recorded through a microphone, it’s painfully obvious.  That is why you need a laptop that is quiet.

The Macbook Pro is very quiet.  Upgrade to the solid state drive, and it is completely SILENT!

You will never have to experience the pain of a great recording ruined by a noisy computer.

2. The Macbook Pro is Blazing Fast

Computers today are faster than ever, but music recording software requires a TON of CPU.

A slow computer simply won’t cut it.  If you want to get the most out of your recording software, you need to have the FASTEST computer possible.

And no laptop is faster than the Macbook Pro.

3. All the Cool Kids are Using It, So You Should Too

Still need more proof?  Look to the professionals and you will find all the proof you need.

Recording engineers with unlimited budgets use Apple computers in their studio because Apple is simply the best.  Take their word for it.  These people know what they’re doing.

If they all say Apple is the way to go, it might be wise for the rest of us to listen.

So What are you Waiting for?

Stop putting it off.  Go buy one now so you can start recording.

You have a ton of great songs stuck in your head, and no one knows it but you.  Give your music a chance to be heard.

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