How Our Ears Sense the Direction of Sounds

sound direction

Haven’t you ever wondered…. When you hear a sound, and you instinctually turn your head toward that sound…. How do you know where it comes from? This incredible hearing ability is one that we use daily, both in music and in real life.  Yet few people understand how it works. And so today, I will […]

The World’s Cheapest Recording Studio


For recording newbies, it’s easily the most commonly asked question: “What is the CHEAPEST POSSIBLE recording studio I can build?” Ironically, it also seems to be a question that NO ONE out there has yet answered. So in this article, that’s exactly what I’ll do, by attempting to actually build it for myself. Here’s the […]

Studio Pics Submitted by Readers

studio 2

A while back, I thought it would be cool to allow our readers to share pictures of their own studios for everyone to see. Here is what we’ve got so far: Studio #7 shared by MechanicalFreaks   Equipment: KRK Rookit RP6G2 Arturia 49 Analog The Laboratory Arturia MiniBrute Korg ESX Korg Emx Behringer Eurotrack 1204FX […]

The Musician’s Guide to Understanding Decibels


Decibels are to musicians, as inches are to carpenters.  Yet how many musicians truly understand what a decibel is? Not many.  And it’s really no surprise. The truth is, decibels are confusing. You could read about it in a college text book for days on end, and not grasp a single useful thing. So here’s […]

E-Home Recording Studio Top Recommended Gear

studio back in the day

Some of us want to learn.  Others just want to get what they need and move on. For those of you in the second category, I’ve compiled this complete list of all the home recording studio gear I recommend. Most of the links here are Amazon Affiliate links, which help to support me in continuing […]

A Glossary of Recording Studio Terms for Beginners

az glossary

Recording studio enthusiasts are no strangers to jargon. There’s enough acronyms and fancy terms to make beginners shrug their shoulders in confusion. Your first visit to recording studio forum is bound to leave your head spinning. So here’s something you might find useful: A list of definitions that include virtually every recording studio term I […]

The 10 Dumbest Ways to Practice Guitar

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We all know that one guy… He practices guitar religiously, yet somehow never improves. It’s not that he’s an idiot.  In his normal life, he’s actually quite smart. So what’s he doing wrong? Maybe it’s the way he’s practicing.  The truth is, all practice methods aren’t created equal. Practice smart, and you get better. Practice […]

The Recording Studio Signal Flow Explained

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What happens to sound once it enters the microphone? Long story short, it travels through a complicated chain of equipment and eventually re-emerges out your studio monitors. But what’s the long version of that story?  Where EXACTLY does the sound go?  And WHY? That’s the topic of today’s article.

Best Ribbon Mics

vintage ribbon mic

If you’re sick of the same old standard mics in your collection, and you want to try something new, ribbon mics can offer the perfect alternative. But if you’re new to ribbon mics, it’s difficult to know exactly what you’re looking for.  Just like with dynamic and condenser mics, different models are designed for different […]

7 Recording Studio Accessories that AREN’T a Waste of Money

Stage Ninja 60 foot

Who needs another accessory anyhow? If your studio is like most, you’ve got a pile of recording toys ready to go up on Ebay, as soon as you can find the time. The truth is – most accessories are junk.  But every now and then, you come across one that can truly offer massive value […]